5th Grade Schedule

5th Grade Schedule 2018 - 2019


7:50-8:05  Unpack, get ready for the day, announcements


8:05-9:30   Rotate (Lloyd to Cummings, Taylor to Lloyd, Cummings to Taylor)


9:30-9:50 Recess for ALL students, exit door next to room


9:50-11:15 Rotate (Cummings to Lloyd, Lloyd to Taylor, Taylor to Cummings)


11:15-11:35  Homeroom


11:35-12:05 Lunch


12:50-1:35 Art or Music (Mon)  PE (Tues-Thurs)  

       Maker Space (Friday)

              12:10-12:55  Taylor

              12:55-1:40   Cummings

              1:40-2:25  Lloyd


1:40-2:30     Homeroom


2:30-2:50 Recess

2:50-3:20 Write in planner, homework time, pack up