Weekly Lesson Plans

 We are reading a novel, Touching Spirit Bear, by Ben Mikaelsen.  The main character, Cole Matthews, is very dynamic and goes through many changes both positive and negative.  The setting is an island off the coast of Southeastern Alaska.  

AR is due January 12.





Newspaper tremplates are at the link below.  Go to the website, and then click on the box that says “Download PPTx file




 TASK #1: On a word document, write a five sentence paragraph on what you have learned about Restorative Justice, which is a type of Circle Justice we have now! 



TASK #2: On the same word document, list 10 interesting facts about the Tlingit Indians. 



TASK #3: Read a Tlingit legend of your choice (some links don't work, so be careful) and summarize it in 10 sentences. Post it on your word document! :) 



TASK #4: Check out Ketchikan, Alaska, and list five things you would like to do if you could visit.



TASK #5: Watch this video and create five questions and answers about it in that wonderful word document.